Wilderness Tours


Canadian wilderness vacations are an excellent way for a family to get out and experience the Canadian outdoors. There are activities that range form golfing to canoeing down a river and camping on the shore line much like the early explorers may have experienced. There is an activity to suite almost any family.

Accomodations vary from sleeping in a tent to staying in a remote camp (a cabin overlooking a scenic fish-filled lake).

Types of Transportation in the forest include: hiking , All Terrain Vehicles (quads), passenger trailers pulled behind ATV©s, canoeing on the Chitek River.

Meals vary depending on the setting. In the remote camp there will be a variety of home cooked meals. At tent sites, campfire meals and convenience foods can be expected.

Our Guides are well experienced in outdoor survival and outdoor living experiences. We will attempt to provide you with as many experiences with nature as we can using proper supervision and safety.

Arranging a Tour: Decide on the activities you would like to experience. Provide the Tour Organizer with the number of persons in your group and their ages. Indicate your experience in the outdoors as well as your expectations for the Tour.

Types of Activities you may choose from include: nature hikes (flora and fauna),IMAG003 canoeing, map/compass/Global Positioning System instruction, fishing, shed hunting, photography, quading (ATV), boating, berry picking, wildlife viewing, golfing at local courses.

You will have to paddle your canoe on the tours. The guides will assist you whenever you need assistance. You must be prepared to experience life without the comforts of modern accommodations when you do wilderness camping in remote cabins or tents. You will experience life similar to what the early explorers did when they explored North America. If you wish to add something and we can provide it within the framework of our business, we will do our best to accomodate you. Our Wilderness Vacations cater to our clients so please identify the components that you would like to experience and state your expectations.

Choose the adventure that is right for you!